Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Written by Steve Markey

Red Dead Redemption is the best Western game ever made, but the competition is not all that great. If you took a Clint Eastwood western and mixed it with the HBO show Deadwood, then you have Red Dead Redemption. The story telling in this game is top notch, you would expect this from Rockstar, the company that brought you the Grand Theft Auto Series. Like Grand Theft Auto, this game contains some very colorful characters that make you really enjoy the game.

The game is an open world game, which means you have the choice to do the main story missions or other activities and there are a ton of things to do in this game, from hunting to playing poker, if it was done in the old west you can do it in this game. The graphics are good, they really capture the feel of the old west. The towns look rustic and the environments look realistic. There are some clipping issues, such as people disappearing into boulders or sides of trees but nothing too distracting.

The controls are very similar to Grand theft Auto, the same button to steal a car is the same button to steal a horse and so on. The one option you will find very useful is the camp option. When you camp you can auto skip to your destination, if you don’t and you ride, it could take you up to twenty minutes to get where you are going.  There is also a great array of weapons and items to help you through the game.

As great as this game is there are some downsides, the first that comes to mind, is this essentially is a Grand Theft Auto with a old west coat of paint, but if your going to copy a game, at least it was a good one. The major knock on this game is the glitches, I experienced quite a few while playing. Some are minor and not a big deal, such as characters walking weird or not controlling properly, but I did experience at least three different freezes that caused me to reset the game. These are not game breaking glitches, but should be addressed with a patch. Red Dead Redemption continues in a great line of games from Rockstar, they add so much content in their games that you do not regret buying the game.

So much to do, you will need to buy it, but be aware of some glitches.

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