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  • Twitter-based MMORPG accused of stealing artwork

    Tweeria is a web-based role-playing game that advertises itself as the “laziest MMORPG ever.” It uses Twitter to passively power and level up a virtual character set in a fantasy-based world, and has now been accused of stealing art from … Continue reading

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    Silver Golem CMDR Deck

    Featured Deck of Magic Players. Glimmerpost Vesuva Cloudpost Urza’s Mine Urza’s Power Plant Urza’s Tower Urza’s Factory Maze of Ith Dust Bowl Crystal Vein Inkmoth Nexus Gargoyle Castle Strip Mine Stalking Stones Deserted Temple Quicksand Temple of the Magistrate Petrified … Continue reading

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    Magic the Gathering

    A look at the new Magic the Gathering Deck Builder’s Toolkit. The Deck Builder’s Toolkit gives your collection a jump-start with 225 semi-random cards.  Perfect for building several different decks!  Plus, you’ll get a guide containing info on how to … Continue reading

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