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  • Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet Glitches and All

    Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet have been in the hot seat since its release. Reviews have been flooding in talking about the numerous problems with the latest installment of the franchise. From the terrible frame rate to the body horror glitches, … Continue reading

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    How to Make Slots Games Interesting

    It is no secret that slots can be quite boring sometimes. This is especially true when you are playing the same game over and over again. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do in order to make … Continue reading

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    Magic the Gathering

    A look at the new Magic the Gathering Deck Builder’s Toolkit. The Deck Builder’s Toolkit gives your collection a jump-start with 225 semi-random cards.  Perfect for building several different decks!  Plus, you’ll get a guide containing info on how to … Continue reading

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    Playstation Move

    This is an demo of the new Playstation Move out this fall. Sony is trying to get a piece of the Wii market by offering a motion controlled system. It works with the Playstation Eye, a web camera of sorts, … Continue reading

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    NCAA Football 11

    Written by Steve Markey NCAA Football is the little brother to Madden. NCAA Football started off years ago as Bill Walsh’s College Football and has evolved into the premiere college football game it is today, or the only one. … Continue reading

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