NCAA Football 11

NCAA Football 11

Written by Steve Markey

NCAA Football is the little brother to Madden. NCAA Football started off years ago as Bill Walsh’s College Football and has evolved into the premiere college football game it is today, or the only one. Most non sports fan do not like the fact that a new game comes out every year, they always call it the $60.00 roster update, and to some point they are right.  But in defense of the sports game most sequels to games are just minor changes to the original, so do not throw stones.  With that being said, maybe a reduced price or an every other year release probably would not be bad either but money wise I do not for see EA doing that.

NCAA Football 11 has everything a college football fan would want,  authentic playbooks, team specific entrances, college feel and great gameplay. The no huddle offense has been improved this year, you can hold the triangle button to run to the line and a section of your playbook will open while on the field for you to choose from. In past versions no huddle was just your audibles to choose from, now you have a lot more options. The ESPN branding has been incorporated more this year, but it still has not been fully integrated as you would think.

There are many modes to choose from, play now, dynasty, mascot games, online play including online dynasty and Road to Glory. The first knock on this game is the Road to Glory, they tweaked the gameplay some but the highly hyped Erin Andrews is the exact same video clips from last year’s game, they did not bother to bring her in to film new segments. Other major flaws in this game are the glitches, I have never played a sports game with so many. As of writing this the EA servers do not work and the stats you play for your games will not get uploaded. Also there are numerous gameplay glitches, even with the patch they sent out. There is a fumble glitch, freezing glitches and my favorite, the Quarter Back Play Action glitch. What happens with this glitch your quarter back fakes the hand off and then passes, but instead your quarter back stays in the hand off animation and drops back 30 yards and then gets sacked.

With some patches this can be one of the greatest football games ever made, the game play is great, the graphics are top notch and most importantly the game is fun, just the glitches really hamper the experience.

Great game that needs a patch.

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