God of War 3

God of War 3
Written by Steve Markey

For you older gamers out there, if you can remember Golden Ax or Rastan, then think of what you would want if those games were created today, and the God of War franchise is it. The God of War franchise captures a sense of scale better than any game out there. God of War 3 picks up right where God of War 2 left off, Kratos is riding the back of a giant Titan climbing Mount Olympus to kill all of the gods and especially Zues.

The story is pretty basic, the Gods have betrayed Kratos and he wants vengeance on them, so he sets out to kill them. God of War 3 looks phenomenal,  there are textures on the skin of the characters, great lighting effects, and the environments look detailed and huge. God of War 3 gives an epic movie feel better than any game around, they set the bar in this area. Game play has not changed much from the second one, there are some new powers and weapons, and a major plus for this game is they do not remove all your powers at the start of the game, you get to keep the powers you received from the second game.

The voice acting is well done, but one interesting thing is that some of the voice actors from the second game have been changed for this one.  Another knock on the game there is no controllable camera, it is a set camera just like the other games, I guess they do this to give you some of those cinematic views in certain parts. There is also no multi player, but everyone knew this going in, but once you finish the story there really is no need to play it again. There are challenge type rooms, but what is the point of those, who actually likes these? Most action games these days have those, but I do not know anyone who likes them.

Those are some minor gripes, God of War 3 is an excellent game, that any PS3 owner should have in their collection. This third installment of the series is supposed to be the last for Kratos. They will most likely head in a different direction from here, but to leave such a popular character out of game is hard to believe. Kratos will most likely still be tied into this series in one way or another.

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