New Black Friday Blu-ray TV Deals: Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition, Cowboy Bebop, Batman Animated Series

What's Black Friday without some good old TV series deals? Amazon has been saving its best 4K and Blu-ray Black Friday deals for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and they're finally starting to trickle in. These boxed sets of Game of Thrones, Cowboy Bebop, and Batman: The Animated Series haven't been discounted at all earlier in November, but now they are easily the best prices we've ever seen. You better hurry on these deals, though, because some of them are supposed to end in 24 hours.

Black Friday Deal: Game of Thrones: The Complete Seasons 1-8 Blu-ray Collector's Edition

If you're looking to showcase your GoT set, this set easily deserves the iron throne. The set includes all 73 episodes of the show as well as 15 bonus hours of extra content and never-before-seen footage. The set is packaged in a gorgeous wooden shadow box case. Each season is housed in its own themed folder, and once inserted into the case, they're arranged in a slick multi-layered panel design. This set was released at a whopping $330 price point; at only $110 it's much more palatable.

Black Friday Deal: Batman The Complete Animated Series Blu-ray Set with 2 Bonus Films

This Black Friday deal drops the price from $79.99 all the way down to $29.99. If you've wanted to watch all 109 episodes of the original Batman animated series in glorious HD, this is the way to do it. You'll also get two bonus discs of the animated movies: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero!

Black Friday Deal: Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series Blu-ray Set

People might have their own opinions of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop show that recently aired, but few people can deny the greatness that is the original Cowboy Bebop anime TV series. It's easily one of the best and most iconic animes ever created, and it deserves a spot in your library. You get all 26 episodes, 10 hours and 26 minutes of pure space cowboy goodness.

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