Monopoly by Paddypower Games

Who does not remember playing Monopoly with family members as a kid? The original board game was created in 1935, and have been delighting game players ever since. Like many older board games, Monopoly has found a second life online. The digital versions of these games have become a much more quick and convenient way of playing.  Sites like Paddypower Games, even offer cash games of Monopoly for you to play!

At Paddypower Games, Monopoly Dream Life, allows you the chance to win money while playing that familiar themed game, with dazzling look and feel of Monopoly. This new slot game has the excitement of the FreeFall Symbols feature and the power of the Stacked Wilds feature.

Over the years there have been a ton of different versions of Monopoly, with a lot of different themes, from Star Wars to Nascar, you name it there has probably been a Monopoly version. Parker Brothers, released the original in 1935, today Monopoly is made by Hasbro.

As of 2013, there are eight game pieces to choose from, Racecar, Battleship, Thimble, Wheelbarrow, Scottie Dog, Boot, Top Hat and Cat. Everyone has their favorites. Did you know over the years pieces were retired? Pieces that were retired are Lantern, Purse, Rocking horse, Iron, Howitzer, Man on horseback and the Sack of Money.

Along with the classic board game, online games, and video games, there is another popular version that McDonald’s does every year. They have their popular Monopoly promotion every year. Where you can buy McDonald’s food and collect Monopoly game pieces that gives you chances to win prizes.

So no matter what version of Monopoly you like, there are many different options to choose from. With the popularity and brand recognition, Monopoly will be around for many generations to come!

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