Hasbro Announces Next Transformers HasLab Project: Victory Saber

The next Transformers HasLab project from Hasbro is Victory Saber, an absolutely massive new figure that will come to production only if enough backers support it before its campaign end date on October 11 of this year.

Check out the prototype images of Victory Saber in the gallery below:

According to Hasbro, Victory Saber includes the following:

  • 1-inch Brain of Courage Brainmaster figure
  • 5-inch Autobot Saber figure
  • 5-inch V-Star jet
  • 5-inch Victory Leo figure
  • Sword of Justice accessory

If you're unfamiliar with Victory Saber, he's the supreme Autobot leader in the anime Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory, which differs from the Transformers lore you might be more familiar with. According to Hasbro, should this figure reach its backing goal, it will mark the "first time in 30 years" Japanese canon has been introduced "into the Transformers line."

The HasLab line has been used to great effect in the past to bring us the Mandalorian's Razor Crest and perhaps the coolest HasLab creation of all, the massive HasLab Unicron figure.

If you're keen to see Victory Saber in production, you can back the project now at Hasbro Pulse for $179.99.

Seth Macy is Executive Editor, IGN Commerce, and just wants to be your friend.

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