Halo Reach

Halo Reach

By Steve Markey From Movies-n-More.com

Halo Reach is a prequel to the first Halo game. This is the big battle where the humans got their butts kicked. So for this Halo there is no Master Chief, but there are a group of Spartans known as the Noble Unit. You play as Six, a member of Noble Unit. The game starts right before the invasion happens and picks up from there. When it comes to Halo I am more of a single player, I know, that is not the strong point of Halo games, but I do enjoy the story and finishing a single player campaign.

Why Halo Reach is the best single player experience out of all the Halo games is for one simple reason, no Flood! That is right, no annoying little crab creatures to shoot, thank you Bungie. In every Halo game the Flood stages are the worst. Also you can design your own Spartan to use during the game, male or female and all types of armor to pick from, there is no real bonus to any of the different types of armor, just makes it look cool.

The single player is not very long, right about the same length as all the previous games, coming in around 7 – 10 hours and that is plenty. the majority of the time will be spent playing countless hours of multi player for most gamers. Multi Player is where Halo games really shine, Bungie and their online game play is top notch and many companies should just follow their lead. Firefight is back, where you and some friends can go against waves of enemies, and there also a ton of other multi player options.

There are stages through out the single player where you will get to pilot a spaceship and a helicopter, these are some nice change of pace stages. Also new to this game are armor upgrades in the levels, you can swap them out as you find them, like a jet pack or hologram of your self. The hologram I found to be a nice addition, send it off one way while you come around and flank the enemy.

Graphics and sound are top notch, on level with any AAA title out there. The only thing I would of like to of seen is perhaps some new weapons to try out, all the guns are the same ones you have been using for years in this game. Also a lot of the game has a been there done that feel, there a few minor game tweaks but for the most part this game gives you exactly what you have had before, it is starting to get a little bit of the Madden syndrome, minor tweaks but same exact game.

Halo Reach is a nice send off to Bungie, they are moving on to different games and a new studio will be taking over the Halo franchise. Hopefully the new studio can freshen up the formula a little and give us something new in the future. But for now Halo Reach is a great multi player game with an average single player campaign.

Halo fanboys should buy the game.

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