Fable 3

Fable 3

The Fable franchise started on the original Xbox. The first game was a action adventure game with some role playing elements. The game was in a 3rd person view and had lots of British humor. The sequel came out on the Xbox 360 and expanded on what the first game started. Unlike the first one, this game leaned more heavily towards the role playing aspect of the game. There were tons of power ups, weapons, clothing and armor to buy as well as the introduction of buying properties. Just as the first one, the game was fairly simple with the combat and loaded with humor.

Fable 3 expands and subtracts from Fable 2. The cool thing about the Fable franchise is they move the time line forward with each new game. Fable 3 takes place about 50 years after the events of the second Fable. You play as the offspring from your hero in Fable 2. Unfortunately you have an older brother who has claimed the throne and he is not a beloved king, he is more like a tyrant, and your job is to gather the people and lead a revolt against your evil brother.

The combat is a simple as it comes, a button for each attack, one for melee, one for magic and one for ranged attacks from guns. I played the whole game and did not die once, it is that simple. Also the role playing elements have been very streamed lined, it just upgrades automatically, so if you are the type that like to upgrade certain aspects of your character than this game is not for you.

When playing Fable you soon realize that messing around and doing side quests are much more fun than actually playing the main missions. Really if you did not do any side quest you can finish the game in 8 hours. The pause button now is a sanctuary for you, so no matter where you are on the map, when you press the start button you will go to your hide out. You can still do all the fun things that make Fable unique, such as get married, have kids, buy houses, be friend villagers and take on an odd job or two.

Fable 3 is a fun game, but not with out faults. There are a lot of bugs in the game, your trial that leads you to your next objective will disappear at times and freezing in the game occurs from time to time. The only major gripe of the game I have is, you spend the whole game building your army and then the huge battle with your brother is one of the biggest let downs ever in video games.

This is a fun streamlined adventure, for more hardcore role playing you may want to look elsewhere, but for the more casual fan this is the game for you.

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