Black Friday 8K TV Deal: 65″ TCL Roku Smart 8K TV Is on Sale

Black Friday TV deals are in full effect, and while many retailers like Walmart are closed today for Thanksgiving, the online deals are live and so far, excellent.

Black Friday 8K TV Deal

If you're in the market for a nice 65" TV but you think 4K isn't enough Ks, then TCL has a deal for you. This 65" 8K set is part of TCL's 6-series line, and includes 4 HDMI inputs, a 120Hz refresh rate, and Roku TV built in.

I'm a big fan of the TCL Roku integration. It's nice to only need to turn on one device to access my streaming platforms, and the user interface on the Roku is super clean and super simple. You might want to get rid of some of the channels preloaded, but once you add your favorites to the top, it's not that big of a deal.

While the allure of 8K can be strong, the resolution isn't exactly widespread. Or spread at all, really. But think back to just a few years ago when 4K content was hard to come by. It took over from HD so much faster than HD took over from the old standard many of us old people grew up with. Basically, 8K is just a matter of time, so you might as well prepare yourself.

This deal is just one of the many Black Friday 4K TV deals going on right now. Lots of brick and mortar locations are closed today, but places like Walmart will be opening as early as 5 AM on Black Friday to overwhelm you with in-person savings. If that doesn't sound appealing to you, then get all your Black Friday deals online instead.

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