Video Games


Visit GameFaqs

GameFaqs is your place for cheats, walkthroughs, message boards and much more. They have information on every system, even dating back to the Atari 2600! You can even submit your own walkthroughs and reviews.


Visit Gamespot

Gamespot is the king of internet review sites. They have previews and reviews for every system available. They provide complete indepth, unbiased reviews for all video games. They also provide video reviews for most of the games.


Visit Joystiq

Joystiq is the most up to date, video game blog on the internet. With up to the minute updates on Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and much more. They will keep you in the know, on every happening in the video game industry.


Visit G4TV

G4 TV is the cutting edge cable station that keeps you up to date on all things video game and technology related. Not only do they cover the video game industry but they will also keep you informed about the world of technology, such as Apple, Microsoft and much more.

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