• Half-Life 2: A blast from the brilliant past

    Half Life 2

    Recently I blew the dust off my Half-Life 2 and decided it was time to play through the game again, and boy was I impressed at the brilliance that is Half-Life 2. Before I continue, let’s just get things into perspective. Half-Life 2 was released in 2004, that is nine years ago (you feeling old?). In terms of technology, nine years is an extremely long time. Although with a game as great as Half-Life 2, if it was released tomorrow, I wouldn’t even bat an eye.

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    The New Generation

    Xbox One and the Playstation 4

    So the announcements have came and went, the big E3 (E3 is a large convention for electronics and video games that all major electronic companies take part in) presentations are over. So what console is the one to go with? Which one will win the war? Is it the Microsoft Xbox One or the Sony Playstation 4?

    Let us examine some of these questions, the first one I would like to discuss is who will win the war question. Does it really matter? If Sony wins or Microsoft wins, or by some miracle Nintendo, do you get any of the profits? How does a gamer benefit besides bragging rights, I have never understood super brand loyalty with fan boys and never will. So let’s put that question to rest and not care who actually wins.

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    Injustice Gods Among Us

    Injustice Gods Among Us

    Injustice Gods Among Us is a new fighting game from the folks who brought you Mortal Kombat, NetherRealms. A few years back, a game similar to this was released called DC vs Mortal Kombat. The problem with that game it felt rushed and had a very kid friendly rating. This game fixes most of those issues and removes the Mortal Kombat characters totally.

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    The Fun in Online Casino Gaming

    Online casino games are not just for heavy gamblers – play online casino games for fun and see what all the fuss is about

    Online casino games became a major hit back in the early 2000s and their popularity has only increased since. When they were first released they were mainly traditional casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, and attracted predominantly existing gambling types. However these days the games at online casinos have been modernised, re-invented and game-ified to create a collection of games that no longer represent the traditional gambling scene, and in this way attract both gamblers and gamers alike. An example is the slot game – once called the one armed bandit for their cheeky simplicity, today they have become video slots jam-packed with levels, bonus rounds, themes, characters and music. The Marvel slot games, for example, build on the already beloved marvel comic series and allow fans an additional platform by which they can indulge in their passion.

    Some people have a guilty pleasure that is Bingo. This might be associated with old ladies out in public, but online Bingo is fun-filled, bright, colourful and delightful in every way. The game itself is simple and this is why people are attracted to it, yet online it further allows players to experience the sights and sounds of a complete gaming adventure despite its simplicity. The bonus levels are good examples of this.

    And finally, online casino games are also a worldwide smash for their social aspects. Many games are hooked up to progressive jackpots, meaning their prize pools are contributed to by anyone who plays the game. This allows players to feel part of a community. Furthermore, some online casino games have chat functionality enabled, such that live chat can be enjoyed between players and dealers freely. It’s like playing games on Facebook, but better.

    There are many other reasons as to why you might play games at the casino, but the outcome is always the same – you return to online casino games for fun! So bring your friends along and make a night out if it!

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    Tomb Raider Review

    Watch a funny review of Tomb Raider by Conan O’ Brien!

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