• “Run Free” in Madden 25

    One of the most popular video game series of all time, John Madden football, dropped its 25th anniversary game a couple months back. The highlighted feature of Madden 25 is its revamped “Run Free” running controls. Hall-of-Fame running back Barry … Continue reading

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    Who does not remember playing Monopoly with family members as a kid? The original board game was created in 1935, and have been delighting game players ever since. Like many older board games, Monopoly has found a second life online. … Continue reading

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    The Fun in Online Casino Gaming

    Online casino games are not just for heavy gamblers – play online casino games for fun and see what all the fuss is about Online casino games became a major hit back in the early 2000s and their popularity has … Continue reading

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    Disney Infinity

    The signs were all there in the rumors leading up to yesterday’s big Disney Infinity reveal in Los Angeles. Disney’s been working on a new gaming “platform,” designed to bring all of its properties together in one IP spanning across … Continue reading

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    Twitter-based MMORPG accused of stealing artwork

    Tweeria is a web-based role-playing game that advertises itself as the “laziest MMORPG ever.” It uses Twitter to passively power and level up a virtual character set in a fantasy-based world, and has now been accused of stealing art from … Continue reading

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