The Beginner’s Guide To D&D

The Beginners Guide To D&D

A beginner’s Guide to D&D can be helpful for newcomers to this tabletop game. Many beginner guides go into detail about the game and its mechanics. However, the Player Handbook can only give you so much insight. Instead of rehashing the rules and mechanics, let’s go over some things that beginners will need to know for their first campaign.

Understand What Version You are Playing

Since 1974, many variations of Dungeon & Dragons have been released. While most dungeon masters will default to the latest edition (5e), some campaigns will be run using earlier editions. So, it’s very important to communicate with your DM about what edition you are playing with. Furthermore, you should be aware if there are any custom rules in the campaign. Depending on the story that your DM wants to tell, you might encounter homebrew elements that are not covered in the basic Player Handbook or other expansions.

Play with Experienced Players

Dungeons & Dragons is a social game at heart. As a result, the people you play with can affect your experience. That is why selecting the players you are going to spend time with is important. While you can always gather newcomers like yourself for your first campaign, playing with veteran players might be your best option. Experienced players can help guide you through your first campaign and be a good resource for understanding mechanics. If you don’t know any players in real life, there are plenty of groups online that you can find through websites like Meetup!

Attend Session Zero

The majority of DMs will have a session zero before starting a new campaign unless it is a regular group of players. During session zero, the players will discuss expectations and limits. This is important to attend, especially for newcomers. In addition to meeting your other party members, you will able to discuss what you will be comfortable with for the game. Being able to set boundaries and limits will help prevent uncomfortable situations during the game. The DM will also discuss campaign details like the story.

Have Fun!

The most important thing a new player should remember is to have fun! Dungeons and Dragons is an amazing experience that allows you to express your creative side while socializing with others. So, even if there are hiccups during your first session, you will be going through your own personal journey while you play!

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