Table Top Games

Tabletop game is a general term used to refer to card games, board games, miniatures wargames, tile-based games and other games that are normally played on a table or other flat surface. The term is used to distinguish these types of games from sports and video games, which today enjoy more popularity than most tabletop games.

The term is also used to distinguish role-playing games from role-playing video games, although role-playing games do not require a playing surface.” -Wikipedia


Warhammer is a miniatures wargame, where players command vast armies of model soldiers in the struggle to outmaneuver and outfight one another on a tabletop battlefield. This gaming action is set amid a fantasy world like no other, where sorcery and monsters are common on the field of battle.

Axis & Allies Miniatures

Axis & Allies Miniatures is a miniature wargaming system including both a ruleset and a line of collectible miniatures. The game is set in the World War II era with units representing individual vehicles and artillery or squads of infantry. The system was first released in 2005 and is currently produced by Avalon Hill, a division of the game company Wizards of the Coast, which itself is a subsidiary of Hasbro.” -Wikipedia


HeroClix is a remake of WizKids collectible miniatures game Mage Knight, replacing the original fantasy-based elves and goblins with licensed characters drawn from comic books. The new game was designed to appeal to comic book fans, players of wargames, and collectors, and has proved to be even more popular than the original Mage Knight.” –Wikipedia

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