Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2

Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2

Star Wars the Force Unleashed came out about 2 years ago, the first game was around 10 hours long, different enemy types, fun force powers and a flimsy but ok story that somewhat fit in with the Star Wars cannon. In the first game you play as Starkiller, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, and depending on your actions you can kill Darth Vader and take his place or join the Rebels and die yourself. The Force Unleashed 2 assumes you  died in the first game, and the game begins as Starkiller is not sure if he is a clone or the real deal, and Darth Vader is trying to manipulate you again.

Unlike the first one, there is no good or bad, you are pretty much a good guy from the start, and the Imperials are your enemies. You are on the run from the beginning of the game till the end, with the Empire hunting you. There are some nice locations, but there are few and far between, there are only four different locations, that is pretty weak for a Star Wars game. Speaking of weak, this game is only five hours at the most and that is taking your time. With this game only being a single player game, you really need some more content for this. The game felt more like an expansion pack then a full sequel. At $60.00 they are asking a little much, $30.00 should of been the proper price.

The force powers are still fun, but you will get bored fighting the same Storm Troopers, over and over again. Some classic characters make and appearance like, Yoda, Princess Leia and Boba Fett. But as I said, they are just appearances, you do not fight them or team up with them. The Yoda stage is really pointless, so not only is the game short, they have pointless stages as well. There is a giant clash with Darth Vader in the end, but it is not anywhere as epic as you would expect.

The game play, graphics and controls are all done fairly well, it is the content and story where this game falls short. The ending is left up for a sequel, but judging how Lucas Arts laid of most of the studio that created the game I doubt that will happen, which is a shame, because with the proper budget and story this could be a great game. The first game was a fun full package worth playing, this game feels like a cheap cash grab by Lucas Art.

This game reflects the feelings of Star Wars fans lately, old dorks like myself, hold on to the Star Wars franchises hoping for the magic of the original trilogy will some how make its way to the new movies and games, but while they do show some flashes, mostly you are left feeling let down.  I could realize I am getting too old for Star Wars and move on, but why do that?

Rent it if bored, but do not buy, not worth the money.

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