Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted isn’t similar to any Need For Speed installment at all.It was altered by seamless transitions from racing to free roaming, Criterion is able to deliver an outstandingly enjoyable video game through exploration.

By having every car available, Criterion encourages the rich exploration of the enormous city of Fairhaven in a way that is more rewarding than Burnout Paradise’s method of finding repair shops and gas stations to have them permanently put on your map. From the downtown streets to the huge freeway that is accessible from almost any area..with the presence of more than a hundred car Fairhaven begs to be discovered.

Using the Easy Drive a screen menu that gives you the ability to change a car or upgrade it by equipping various parts but here’s the catch to achieve these tools you have to race nearly every car has 5 races and they are aligned from Easy to Hard as you can see these elements increase replay value.Its similar to 2005’s Most Wanted ,You’re in a free-roaming city trying to win illegal street races to get to the top of law enforcement’s… you guessed it… Most Wanted list and in the process evade the police.

But in this year’s Most Wanted you only have to win something called “Speed Points” and by achieving them you’ll be crashing, smashing, and even racing throughout the city to get to that goal. Unlocking cars is a matter of finding them in the city.

The ability to take opponents down by slamming them into walls most certainly is fun not to mention the amazing handling – you just won’t see much worse than a bent fender or lost spoiler. Generally, your success in a single player race depends at least somewhat on your ability to take down at least one or two pesky opponents, especially considering that the AI has Nitrous to use too, and they’ll zoom by you at speeds far beyond what you’d expect if you let them do it…You can also go to work shops to change colors..

The Police are more aggressive and powerful than ever they drive well and try to knock you out the A.I. was beautifully crafted, there are 6 heat levels and when each heat level increase the more trouble you through like the presence of Road blocks,S.W.A.T. cars..helicopters etc..the most annoying thing is that they attend to always ambush you.

Be aware that the single player mode doesn’t last terribly long, and while there are lots of small challenges and car unlocks littered throughout the city (and plenty of unique online-only events), those looking for a “career” mode might be disappointed.

Most Wanted is also gloriously meaty. It boasts an even more clever version of Autolog, the system which sets you challenges according to what your online friends have been doing (and more random ones even if you have no online friends)..its more polished and better than ever.

The multiplayer is great: setting up races against friends is a breeze, and it’s incredibly easy to jump into sets of races with and against strangers: the game shepherds you to meeting points and has you doing imaginative things like surpassing a collective distance-target for jumps off the roof of a building..Online is better than offline in MW.

What I love about Criterion.. is the attention to detail,the graphics are quite perfect considering the sheer size and scope of the city in question. There’s a lot of eye-popping detail and a ton of awesome special effects and lightning that accompany your more reckless driving; smashing through billboards or bouncing off other cars is always visually satisfying. The urban landscape is mostly bright with the exception of a few darker, more industrial areas and the overall palette and design is fantastic

Thanks to a diverse soundtrack, crackling audio effects, and a smooth-voiced narrator that introduces you to the high-speed world of street racing, the sound is a definite high point.bottom line is that there is a solid variety of songs and the pseudo-realistic growls of the different engines you’ll hear is a pleasure to the gear head’s ears. The gameplay will keep you riveted while the technical elements appropriately enhance the experience at almost every turn.

Because of it’s free roaming,diverse exploration and fun mutliplayer you can still play Need For Speed Most Wanted for a long time considering its very fast placed and graphically satisfying the best thing about it no lengthy loading times and its so easy to navigate its menu’s.

Verdict: You don’t want to miss out on this experience definitely one of the Most Wanted games of this year when its boiling in your must drive safely.

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