Marvel vs Capcom 3

Marvel vs Capcom 3

The long awaited sequel to Marvel vs Capcom 2 is finally here, Marvel vs Capcom 3, is it worth the wait? Well sort of, Marvel vs Capcom 3 once again pits the super heroes of the Marvel Universe vs the characters of the Capcom universe. What Capcom has been able to do lately is really recapture the excitement of fighting games again, with 2D style game play with 3D visuals. If you have played Super Street Fighter 4 from last year you will be very familiar with this game.

The difference between this game and the Street Fighter series, is the simplicity of this game. The appeal of this game is anyone can play and have fun right away with it. There are still air combos and long chain combos, but they are not necessary to be competitive in this game. The hard core fighting fans in the long run will probably stick to Street Fighter, but for the rest of us, Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be your game.

The visuals and sounds really capture the feel of the old arcade, and there moments when the action is so crazy you can not even tell whats going on. Each match you get to choose three members of your team, and the objective is to knock out the three members of the other team before time runs out. There are about 39 characters to choose from, two of which will be released on March 15th for $5.00 each. The usual ones are in the game with a handful of new faces like Dante from Devil May Cry and Deadpool from Marvel.

As fun as this game is there is really not much to it, you get a standard arcade mode, where you fight about 8 different teams and then fight the main boss, Galactus. Then there is a mission mode, which is basically a mode to try to pull off all the combos for each character. Finally there is online which is a mixed bag, there is no spectator mode, so if you are in a lobby with people you just sit and wait and see nothing, kind of boring, also online you have your standard ranked matches and shadow matches where you play AI based on certain players.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a fun game, hands down, but could of used some more modes and features. Also the whole DLC route Capcom has been taking is a little on the cheesy side, $5.00 for one new character seems a little steep. The endings for each character are a little lame as well, just a still picture with a couple lines of text. Since it has been 10 years since the last game came out, they could of really loaded this game with more.

One piece of advice, if you get a chance and you can find an arcade stick for your system to play this on, go ahead and get it, it makes the game a lot more fun. The only problem is these can get a little expensive, so watch for sales!

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