Little Big Planet 2

Little Big Planet 2

By Steve Markey

Little Big Planet was released 2 years ago, and broke the mold of conventional video games. What Little Big Planet introduced was a level of creativity that other games did not offer. The visuals of the game were stunning mix of style and imagination, along with the quirky humor, Sony had a original hit on it’s hands. The big attraction of the game was the ability to create your own levels and share them online with other players, thus extending the life of the game ten fold.

With Little Big Planet 2, the sequel expands on the first game. Back are the great visuals and creative flair that the original game had. There are numerous developer made levels to play with a story attached, but of course the story does not make that much sense. The reason to play through these levels is to unlock objects and stickers you can use on your own levels. Another great feature of Little Big Planet 2, is the game imports all your DLC from the first game.

Although this game is a pretty solid game, there are some flaws. The one thing that baffles me, is this game is a platform type game at it’s core, like Super Mario Brothers, but the controls are very floaty. It is like every level is an ice stage, with the release of Little Big Planet 2 you would of thought they would fix this, but to no avail. Another problem is how much you like DLC, there is a ton to choose from, all of it at a cost, and can come off like they are nickel and diming the user.

The creative levels are a mixed bag as well, there are some truly stunning levels out there to play, but for every one of those you will get a hundred that are a waste of time. So be careful while browsing the levels. If you are a creative person and always had a desire to design your own game levels then this is the game for you. If you are a platform game lover, then there are better options out there for you with better controls.

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