Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Tell Tale and their Lego games are at it again. By now everyone has seen or played a Lego video game. They come on every platform and the gameplay is almost identical from game to game. But the one thing these games do right, and they do it well, is being fun.

Are Lego games a cutting edge example of everything a video game can be? Of course not, most of them have quite a few bugs in them and odd little glitches that never get fixed, but no one seems to care because it is fun being your favorite characters in Lego versions.

Most Lego games are based on movie or T.V. series, but where the Lego Batman series is different is it’s a brand new story that has nothing to do with the shows or the movies, well except the music. Lego Batman starts off with just Batman and Robin and you go through each story level finding hidden bricks and people. Once you are done with the levels you can travel all over Gotham in an open world.

In the open world is where you will unlock most of the characters, vehicles and cheats. The story is fun and has voice acting which is a first for a Lego game. The only downer is you really do not get to be the other super heroes till the end, with the exception of Superman. For a majority of the game you will be Batman or Robin. But flying around the city as Superman with the Superman theme music playing behind you is awesome.

There is co-op in the game, for two players, and if you have kids this is hands down the best type of games to play with them. The only other issue (besides little bugs like freezing screen or weird clipping issues) is the camera, in single player it’s not to bad, but when you  add the second player the camera can drive you nuts from time to time.

Lego Batman 2 really does not bring anything new to the table, but it is a fun time to have playing with your kids and I am pretty sure they will catch us all again when they release Lego Lord of the Rings.

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