Guild Wars 2 Review

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is the latest MMO released by NCSOFT. The difference between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, is that Guild Wars is a free to play game, where World of Warcraft you have to pay a monthly fee.

Before I say anything about Guild Wars 2, I will give you some background for me and the perspective I am coming from. I have been mostly a console video game player my whole life, but I have played MMO like Guild Wars, DC Universe Online, Star Wars The Old Republic and others.


After playing the first Guild Wars, I enjoyed the control scheme. The camera could zoom out a ways and you could use the mouse or the keyboard to move your character. In the new game, they have removed the mouse movement option and the camera stays pretty close to your character. Which can be a problem in smaller caves,  you really cannot see what your attacking.

You could use a controller, but you need a third party software to accomplish this. I find this to be a major mistake, if NCSOFT wants to attract some console players, they need to do something about the control scheme.


Graphics during the gameplay are some of the best you will see.But if you are a huge fan of cinematic cut scenes like in World of Warcraft, you will not see them here, most cut scenes are just two characters standing on the screen talking to one another, somewhat of a disappointment.


The gameplay is pretty straight forward with a few twists. Instead of talking to a ton of NPC, instead you are just automatically given quests that appear in the top right corner. Some are considered dynamic quests. Which means, they automatically appear, usually with a orange circle on a map, that everyone around can join in on and everyone gets experience.

There are a couple annoying things about these dynamic events, one, they repeat, for example you may escort a character to his home and then ten minutes later the same quest appears again, not very exciting. The second problem is with everyone playing the same mission, sometimes it is so hetic and filled with characters there is no way to tell what is going on.

Along with dynamic quests, there a lot of minor quest that just feel like time filler, for example on mission I had to fetch rabbit food, yes that’s right rabbit food. Which is no big deal, but I was by myself and it ended up being like 15 bags of food, and while your trying to do this, the rabbits knock you over and you end up spending a half hour fetching rabbit food. Is this how a legend in a fantasy story build his character?


Guild Wars 2, I feel, is built for die hard MMO PC game players. If you are a console game playing type person, other MMO like DC Universe might be more up your alley. Guild Wars 2 is a good game but if you do not like the typical MMO format, then this game maynot be for you.

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