Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series has been around for awhile now. It is a 3rd person military tactical shooter. What is the difference between this and Call of Duty? Well the biggest difference is taste. Really it is all based on what you like. If you like huge set pieces and fast paced crazy shooting then Call of Duty is more for you. Ghost Recon on the other hand, is a slower more deliberate pace with more emphasis on strategy.

The story is a typical military shooter story, terrorists in Africa and Russia are trying to destroy everything and you and your men are out to stop it.  You know with Tom Clancys name attached you would think you would get a top of the line story with twists and turns, but instead here’s a forgettable by the numbers shooter, such a shame.  The characters themselves are also bland and forgettable. But most people do not play these type of games for the story, they want to know how the game play is. Game play is the shining star of Ghost Recon.

The flow is very slow and tactical, and the sync shot is great. You tag all the enemies and all at once you and your squad mates take them all out at once. There also some great new gadgets you have now like invisible outfits and drones to help you out of sticky situations. Another great mode for Ghost Recon is the Co-Op. It is a lot of fun to run through the campaign with a partner, makes the game even that more enjoyable. Another plus to the game is the weapon choices you have, if you love to customize your guns this is the game for you.

The multiplayer outside of the Co-Op is ok, it is just your standard modes you have seen in hundreds of games by now. The only different one is the decoy mode, where they give you fake objectives and gives a little fun and confusion to the game. The only other downside of the game I found was the graphics. They are not bad, but have not improved nearly as much as other shooters have over the years.

If you like a slower more tactical shooter then give Ghost Recon a try, if not, stick to Call of Duty.



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