Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

A couple of years ago, EA (Electronic Arts) decided to launch some new franchises, Dead Space being one and Mirror Edge being the other. Neither game sold all that well, but EA felt that Dead Space was a franchise they could continue and profit from. Well their gambled paid off, Dead Space 2 out sold the original almost 3 to 1 making the sequel a much bigger hit and almost guaranteeing there will be more sequels to come.

How much you will like Dead Space 2 depends on how much you like sci-fi and horror movies. The game takes place on a moon of Saturn’s. You play as Engineer Isaac Clarke, and for the past several months you have been drugged and tricked into building a alien artifact. Of course everything goes wrong, you come out of your drug induced coma and now have to make it off the planet before the Necromorphs tear you limb from limb and you also have to destroy the alien artifact that you built, which is the size of a building.

Necromorphs are the monsters of this game, they are more or less mutated humans that just want to kill humans but not each other. You know I never understood that, why don’t monsters or zombies attack each other?  There seems to be more of them in these movies or games, you would think they would be easier targets for each other. Anyways, soon you find some gear and weapons and off you go through corridor after corridor of dimly lit rooms and hundreds of elevators.

The graphics are what you would expect from a AAA game, but the game is so dark at times it really does not matter what the graphics look like. The game play is your standard horror survival 3rd person view. On harder levels there is limited ammo and health, which is funny because they give you a ton of guns to choose from but just no ammo for them. There are also a few puzzles and anti gravity areas. The story is getting pretty large, not only do you have this game but you also have a animated movie and a downloadable game to help fill in all the back story, and there are also audio and text logs in this game to fill you in even more.

The game pretty much plays out  like this, go to a room kill the monsters, fix the object, then realize you need to fix another object in another room, so walk down dark corridor to elevator, then go into room kill monsters again, rinse and repeat for about 10 hours, while collecting health and ammo along the way. Dead Space is a fun game, but if this was a longer game it would probably become boring very quickly, but being about 10 hours is the appropriate length. Basically Dead Space 2 is Resident Evil in space.

Rent the game, play through one weekend and enjoy yourself.  You hardcore guys can play through it on all the different difficulty levels for many more hours of play.

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